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During your first consultation, your oral status will be thoroughly assessed by our doctor.

Our approach to dental practice is based on the philosophy that education is the best form of preventive medicine. Your first visit includes a consultation in which the examination is done and the medical and dental history provided by you will be assimilated into a comprehensive treatment plan. We will review this plan step by step so you can ask questions and discuss alternative options and understand the time frame and the entire process.

We will make sure your doubts and concerns are addressed before initializing any treatment. We firmly believe that an informed patient is less apprehensive and more relaxed during dental care.

Visit our practice and experience warmth and attention you receive from all of us here.

First Visit
1. Write down any complaints or problems you may have been experiencing. If you can, write down times and dates. These may be important to your dentist.
2. List your questions before your visit. Bring a pad and pen to record the answers and other information you might forget.
3. Make a list (or even better take with you) any medications (name and dosage) which you are taking.
4. List all health care practitioners who have treated or are treating you. Include their names, addresses and phone numbers. This is particularly helpful for coordinating your health care.
5. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Get a good night’s sleep and don’t forget to eat (a high protein snack and no caffeine are best) before your visit. Take along a healthy snack, in case the wait pushes you into meal time.
At the Time of your Visit
1. If you are ill-at-ease, share your feelings with your dentist and the staff. It helps them to know. Approach and treatment can often be tailored to your needs.
2. Don’t allow yourself to become uncomfortable based on rumors or unpleasant stories. Ask your dentist to tell you the facts, in advance, about any treatment. Discuss as many options and choices as are available to you. Ask as many questions as you need to and, when necessary, ask for answers to be repeated.
3. Use visualization techniques before and during your visit. Concentrate on a pleasant memory or picturesque, tranquil place to which you have been. Practice deep, slow, rhythmic breathing. Systematically tighten and relax major muscle groups. Visualization is particularly helpful during dental treatment.

Serving DENTISTRY with an EXPERTISE of 25 years EZEEDENT(I) PVT LTD is a growing chain of dental offices in Mumbai.

At EZEEDENT (I) PVT LTD EASY, AFFORDALE and POCKET FRIENDLY Dental Treatmemnt is just a phone call away. We emphasise on patient education and awareness for SELF HELP so as to visit a dental office less frequently. At EZEEDENT(I) PVT LTD we offer FREE CONSULTATION and FREE X-Rays to our Members. All aspects of Dentistry are treated under one roof.

We have branches of EZEEDENT(I) PVT LTD at Andheri east, Andheri West and Mira Road. Our branch at Mira road is spread over 2000 sq ft. All our branches are well equipped taking care of highest sterilisation standards.We take care of your travel needs also.

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